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Ms. Woodrow provided my family with peace of mind by preparing legal documents to ensure custody rights of my grandchildren while their parents were out of the country. She was very thorough in her preparations and sought to resolve issues before they occurred. I appreciated her sensitivity as well as her vast understanding of custody situations and legal ramifications.


My husband and I were travelling out of country and leaving the care of our children to a relative. We worked with Suzanne to ensure the safety of our children in our absence as well as the care of our children in case we were unable to care for them(in case of death, missing, or accidents). Suzanne was careful to cover all instances that we wouldn't be able to care for our children. She kept our needs at the forefront as well as the needs of our children. Suzanne was enjoyable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


I was a single father with joint custody and my ex wife wasn't doing the best decisions for my children Mrs Woodrow looked over my case and for the next few months my whole future was in her hands and with her consulting and advice she won me full custody of my two kids and they are both teenagers now and we are still going strong I would recommend her to everyone.


Kind, Courteous and Professional. More so, you're never treated as a "Client", but as a family member. Divorce is always a mess but becomes even more contentious when children, custody and assets are involved. This is the experienced team you want representation from. I can't say enough about the attention to detail and the ability to identify even the smallest of things that may make a huge impact on your case from a Husband/Father's position. Thank you.

Kyle Glasgow

Divorces are hard and very complicated and sometimes can be lengthy, dependent upon the party you are at issue with. The most important decision you can make is obtaining a lawyer with proven experience. The Woodrow–Snell Law Office is there for you. The staff is amazing and WILL answer the phone when you are in desperation mode and need an answer. It was always nice to hear a pleasant voice on the other end of the line during such a tumultuous time in my life.
Suzanne and her staff always answered my calls and gave thorough explanations of what to expect during the divorce proceedings. There were times I made calls and Suzanne was unavailable but her amazing staff would forward the message and Suzanne would respond in a very reasonable amount of time. Suzanne works long and hard hours so expect a call at any time or day of the week.
She is there to help you and minimize your losses. The firm never made any false claims of being able to do this or do that. It was always straight forward information and advice. Suzanne is a true professional and highly respected. Let me say when your day in court comes, she WILL be prepared.
Words of advice: Do your due diligence, stay off social networks, do everything Suzanne ask you to do and most importantly let Suzanne do her job. I am so thankful for Suzanne and her staff’s tireless efforts to end my toxic relationship. They are wonderful people and they will get you thru this. Suzanne and her staff minimized my financial outpourings. So a heartfelt thanks to Suzanne and her Staff.

AllenTuttle, Oklahoma

Oklahoma DHS was unable to help me obtain custody of my kids even though they agreed the kids needed to be with me and that I needed a lawyer. They recommended Suzanne Woodrow-Snell because "she always beats us", so I called and scheduled an appointment. Suzanne didn't flinch at my appearance. She looked past the beard, long hair and tattoos, and got to know the real me - a man who loves his children and only wants what is in their best interest.
In a "pro mom" state like Oklahoma, I didn't have much hope that anything would ever change and that it would it be a waste of time and money. Suzanne went to war for and with me and did the impossible - she got a father full custody in Oklahoma! My ex had the most expensive lawyer she could find, who stalled and drug her feet at every turn. It didn't matter, Suzanne was relentless and never stopped fighting for me. If you do everything she asks of you, put your own doubts aside and let her take the lead, she will get you great results.
I give Suzanne Woodrow-Snell my highest recommendation. Because of her, I now have full custody of my kids and they are doing well in school.
We have never been happier. Thank you, Suzanne, for helping this once hopeless dad.

EricNorman, Oklahoma

Working with Suzanne & Piper was a very good experience for me. My ex wife told me one day that "she was not married to me for 17 years for no reason and that she was taking everything from me." That being said I knew that I needed the best law firm to handle my year long case might I add with no children. My case went to trial and let me just say that Suzanne is the one you want on your side during a court room trial. She knows just the right questions to ask. Suzanne & Piper make a very excellent team they are very organized and very thorough. If your pationate about what you want, keep in mind you need to work with them both and at the end you will probably get what you want. Her staff Lori & Dottie are very nice ladies as well and very inviting when visiting their offices. Some may say this law firms billing is high. All I can say is you get what you pay for and I'm very glad I chose this lawfirm because they got me what I wanted at the end of the day. I'm very happy with the results and outcome of this very long trial and can't Thank them all enough.

Brian Haynes

Suzanne handled a divorce case for my cousin. There were children involved and my cousin's spouse lived out of state. The divorce proceedings took place in Texas, and Suzanne took extra time to travel to Dallas for court dates. During the entire process, Suzanne was compassionate and patient. It wasn't always easy shuffling papers and records across state lines and my cousin didn't have a great deal of money for the divorce. However, in the end my cousin got a very favorable settlement and all along the way Suzanne was there with great advice and counsel. She listened to my cousin's concerns and gave her comfort by being steady and professional every step of the way. Both my cousin and I are grateful for Suzanne's expertise.


Suzanne is amazing. She fought hard and got my wife full custody of my step son. She was always very professional, and always made sure we knew what things meant when they were given in legal terms. Won't go into detail about our case. Just know it was no lay down simple case. The whole staff works together very well, like one big unit. We are beyond grateful for all their hard work even when we thought all hope was lost. I don't think there is any other attorney around more skilled, and effective in family law!

William Crowell

I highly recommend Suzanne Woodrow-Snell as a litigator. While working diligently to guide me through a difficult divorce, she has shown me respect, care, and concern. She is tenacious in her attempts to reach a just, fair, and equitable settlement. She stands strong in the face of adversity.


Suzanne Woodrow-Snell is ethical, knowledgeable and compassionate. She has represented me for twelve years in family law matters. Suzanne is the only lawyer I hope I ever have. I know I don't worry if Suzanne is representing me.


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