Fighting for Father’s Rights in Oklahoma

Dads have rights, just as mothers do.

While courts do give a more equal consideration to fathers’ rights, a mother still may receive a slight preference.

This bias can make obtaining full custody more difficult for a father than a mother. That is why it is so important to have a skilled, experienced father’s rights attorney in your corner. Fathers’ rights lawyers remove the subconscious bias in favor of the mother. Father’s rights lawyers emphasize and protect the rights that fathers have under Oklahoma law. The past bias presuming the mother to be the primary parent and have custody of a minor child and the father having every other weekend visitation is gone.

Suzanne Woodrow-Snell has built a remarkable reputation in representing fathers in divorce, custody and child support cases. She recognizes the rights of children to have two parents in their lives.

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If you feel your rights as a father have been threatened, we’re on your side.

In child custody cases, the court tries to establish the most beneficial living arrangement for the child based on factors such as:

  • Safety and Stability of the Home
  • Ability to Provide Financial Support
  • Ability to Provide Access to Health Care
  • Active Involvement with School and Child’s Friendships
  • Overall Positive Influence on the Child

While the court tends to favor the mother in custody hearings, we aggressively demonstrate that you are a capable father who deserves time with your child. Whether you are seeking sole or shared custody, our law firm works diligently to improve your outcome in the courtroom.

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